Together, we can

Bring the light of God to the people of Yucatan

Our Mission

John and Rebeca have launched YWAM in the Yucatan of Mexico. There are YWAM campuses in various states of Mexico but Yucatan is largely unreached within both poor and middle class communities. Many of the churches in Northern Mexico Yucatan have small congregations and most are struggling to survive. John and Rebeca have a vision to recruit and train Missionaries to reach this region for Christ.

How we are changing lives here in the Yucatan

We minister to the local communities through multiple aspects. We have women groups that Rebeca leads in addition to men's groups that John leads. We also lead the local church that has a growing congregation. Futhermore, we are renovating a building in Mérida, Mexico that allows us to have mission teams from the U.S. All this provides us the opportunities to minister and share God's gospel.

We encourage mission teams

We hope to soon have our new facility in Mérida renovated to allow U.S. mission teams come and support our ministry. The dorms will house up to 70 team members.

We Spread the Word

Using the love of Jesus, we are actively involved with the community by sharing the Gospel.

We encourage all who with meet

There are many struggles within the local communities. We minister to them in many ways.

We pray our ministry will glorify God

We pray for our sustainability, our communities we serve and for mission teams to come visit to help our ministry grow by spreading God’s Word.

We ask for your generous support

God challenges us each day to expand our efforts. However, many of these require funds to accomplish. To the right are donations and monthly sponsorships needed to address our ministry’s financial needs.

Building renovation funds needed
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Sponsors to cover monthly ministry expenses
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