How you can help us

We are asking for God's provisions in helping us expand our ministry to accommodate mission teams.

We are blessed to have a new building that will serve as our mission teams facility. It is located in Mérida, Mexico – near the Mérida International Airport.

The campus and facilities are large and will accommodate up to 70 team members. However there is much work and improvements needed before we can invite down the mission teams.

The amount of updates required can seem daunting. But we know God will provide. Below we have detailed the specific needs for our new building in addition to photos. Please prayerfully consider on how you can financially help us so that teams can join us here to help share the love of Christ within Yucatan.

Our phase 1 needs - $40,000.00

This first phase budget will allow us to build the necessary infrastructure and also painting of the entire campus. A breakdown of details and cost is below. An update: Thanks be to God we have met 85% of our phase 1 goal.  So the balance funds needed is $6,000.00.


Security camera system

Network system supplies



Electrical supplies


Breaker panels


Facility water system

Storage tank


Pump controls

Jet pump


Air conditioning




Four rooms need air conditioning and two rooms need doors

Quality bunk beds


Four rooms need bunk beds

Bathroom updates



All of the bathrooms need vents and improvements. We also need a refrigerator for the kitchen.

Our new facility

We ask for your generous support

God challenges us each day to expand our efforts. However, many of these require funds to accomplish. To the right are donations and monthly sponsorships needed to address our ministry’s financial needs.

Building renovation funds needed
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Sponsors to cover monthly ministry expenses
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